Meet Charlie. 

Break up songs aren’t supposed to go down easy. This one hits like a sweaty shot of bourbon.
— Jesse Feister, American Songwriter
Abbott’s latest is a four-pack of indie jams, polished but not too polished, shot through with a tinge of Southern rock
— Stephen Trageser, Nashville Scene
If rock’n’roll is dead, nobody told Charlie Abbott.
— Lesley Daunt, Huffington Post
Abbott is one of the hardest working musicians in Music City.
— Jacob Ryan, No country for new Nashville
Sounds Like: If Britt Daniel was currently cutting his teeth in East Nashville.
— Tom Melchoir, The Tennessean
... a four-song sparkler which is the embodiment of all things good about head-bobbing, toe-tapping, shimmering indie rock; even a cursory listen is a pleasure.
— Susan Hubbard, East of 8th

If rock and roll is dead, nobody told Charlie Abbott. A Nashville-based artist, Charlie embodies a fierce independence in crafting his music. Riding solo without a label or management, he recently landed song placements in Showtime’s hit series, Shameless, and in this summer’s blockbuster motion picture, “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” starring Mila Kunis and SNL’s Kate McKinnon.


Charlie’s new LP, Ugly Little Sunflower, reflects his signature sound honed over many years playing lead guitar for other artists and touring across the country. With influences spanning from The Shins to Pantera, Ugly Little Sunflower is a bombastic and exuberant romp through the indie rock genre.  Charlie’s affinity for the sounds of the deep South are a focal point as he utilizes baritone and seven-string guitars in a kamikaze approach to bastardize blues guitar. Produced and recorded by Don Bates in his East Nashville studio, Charlie performed all the instrumentation. 


“It sounds like we threw a party in the studio,” Don laughs. “Almost all of the tracking was single takes, even the vocals” 


Ugly Little Sunflower is available summer of 2019. Rock on, man. 

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